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El Arte Del Colibrí (download here) 
Foto portada: Concurso “El Arte del Colibrí”

Obra ganadora: Santiago Ospina, 17 años, estudiante

Concurso organizado para el fomento de la cultura y el arte en Jamundí, Colombia.


RETAZOS (download here)

ReTaZos es un libro lleno de recuerdos y memorias que se suman a nuevas experiencias creando una colcha de nostalgias. Sonia Quintero, poeta colombiana, reúne los hilos de diferentes colores, el retazo convertido en papel y la aguja afilada de los recuerdos para hilar, un libro que sigue las huellas del errante peregrino.


Metáforas de dos mundos (download here)

Es un viaje a través de los mundos imaginarios, las dimensiones que se esconden en nuetros sueños y pesadillas. Como dice su autora, la poeta Colombiana, Sonia Quintero: "este libro esta dedicado a las pesadillas que se escondieron en mis noches, bajo mi almohada. Las que me levantaron de madrugada, se robaron mi sueño y me regalaron estos versos....y a mi madre que me enseño a convertir en arte el dolor que la atormentaba"

Dear Poets, friends and supporters,

Now you can enjoy (or not) all my poetry books as well as my illustration's booklets. These are all in PDF versions ready to be downloaded for FREE. Donations are still welcome.

However, if you are as romantic as I am and can afford a printed copy I can post you a signed copy for £15 (+ postage).

These copies are environmentally friendly.

- Eco-friendly print

Recycled paper

- Vegan friendly inks

- Green energy

- Plastic-free packaging

- Reduce carbon delivery

- All Eco certificates


Words are not enough (download here)

It is a journal that recreates the adventure of an individual who is looking for 'their' roots, a place to feel safe and a new language that they can identify with. The poems in this book are like a contraction, a painful expression of "non identity", the feeling that we face when the words we are learnt are not enough to make others understand us. Sometimes, during the journey of searching for who we are, we discover the priceless treasure that other languages and expressions have. We can develop a universal meaning and connection when we manage to ignore the barriers and dive into the unknown in order to recognise who is on the other side. 


POEMS to be written (download here)

"POEMS to be written” is a collaborative book to be written together. You and I; my story - your interpretation, my creativity - your response. Writing is a dance where words are bodies and each of us listens to the same track in different moments, so that the movement becomes as unique as we are. I invite you to dance with my words! Sonia



"Poetry is a universal language without borders and barriers. It has many dialects but connects to the very essence of the human soul. It expresses the raw emotions of love, passion, anger and wonder. It is both liberating and awe-inspiring and it captures the very best of the human spirit". M. Patel, Cllr at Newham Borough

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