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As an active member of the community I have led several projects that combine my passion for poetry and Human rights. Six years ago, I started Newham Poetry Group (, a grassroot initiative that facilitates access to creative writing for people who speak English as their second or third language as well as engaging with marginalised communities through artistic activities such as open mics, spoken words or even publishing their own books.

I also co-founded Queer Newham (, a local initiative that brings visibility to LGBTQ+ issues in my area. We work closely with the LB Newham, community groups and neighbours to tackle discrimination, hate crime and other issues that impact us. 

Recently, I have started BORDERLESS, it is a local initiative to create a friendly, safe, and supportive space for POC LGBTQ+ refugees / forced migrants. We want to challenge prejudice and dismantle hate through raising awareness on LGBTQ issues, creating partnerships with organisations (including educational institutions and faith groups), promoting open conversations between residents and providing information on gender and sexual diversity. More information Here

Simultaneously, I led Foundation Casa Sofia in my home town, Jamundi (Colombia) It  is a collective of creative community artists that use artistic approach to connect people, challenge dispowenred narratives and support local initiatives.

We love co-creating new maps that help people navigate their neighbourhoods,  find their unique resources, strengthen their abilities and develop new initiatives that support the wellbeing of their local areas.

We work wherever there is a  group of curious people who want to create citizen spaces where their vision of their own communities is acknowledged and supported.

We are committed to making visible the invisible.

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